$3.00 USD

Authors from all around the globe are welcome to submit their manuscripts to Editorial ]Elementá[. Prior to your submission, and in order to get an impression of Editorial ]Elementá[, please read the "About ]Elementá[" page and have a look into our books' portfolio and authors' profiles. 

Manuscripts should be submitted, only in pdf or doc format, via Submittable, containing all the information required, including a synopsis, a querry letter and a brief author's resume. Our editorial will review all submitted manuscripts and returns with a response within 3 months subsequent to the author's submission.

What we publish?

Elementá has a strong quality selection process that operates independent, from over 10.000 entries only 50 titles per year get accepted by their program.The editorial line is on different genres both in fiction & non-fiction. Exceptional and inspirational themes as well as unconventional and individual styles & genres are welcome too. We welcome entries of following genres:

  • Fiction (Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction, Horror, Adventure, Fantasy, and related…) & Poetry
  • Non-fiction (Biography, Memoirs, True Stories).

How we work?

The editorial has standard contracts with authors like all other international publishers, including 10% of list price royalties (equals about 50% of net revenue). Publication will be versus worldwide and available via major bookstores/catalogues as well as online bookstores. Elementá publishes worldwide with access to the most comprehensive bookselling channel in the industry via hubs in US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Australia, and including distribution partners Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Gardners and Bertrams (ebook Apple, Anobil, Baker & Taylor, Kobo, Barnes & Nobel, Txtr, BookShout, Amazon, GoSpoken, Gardners, . . .). Author’s contribution fees include basic editorial, complete design, production, distribution, and promotion. There are no additional fees to the authors. Contracts and catering to the authors is identical with the traditional lines. Elementá is a non-traditional line and in case of a publication by Elementá, the author will be charged at the time of contracting with a one-time contribution fee; this is 800 EUR (for paperback and ebook).

How to submit?

If you are interested in submitting to Elementá, please reach out your manuscript and other information (including a synopsis, a querry letter and a brief author's resume) to the Elementá editorial via Submittable in PDF format. We only accept submissions via Submittable.

For the submission via Submittable and the electronic processing of your manuscript, a technical submission fee of 3 USD will be charged. This technical submission fee is explicitly NOT for the review of your manuscript by Elementá Publishing or its editorials and will have no influence on the evaluation and decision, whether your manuscript would be accepted for publication or not.

Response time?

Our editorial will review all submitted manuscripts and returns with a response within 3 months subsequent to the author's submission.